An Angel from Hell: Real Life on the Front Lines

Ryan A. Conklin

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Ryan A. Conklin enlisted in the U. S. Army at age seventeen, following 9/11, and joined Angel Company. As a turret gunner with the famed 101st Airborne "Screaming Eagles" and a member of the famed "Rakkasans" regiment?the most decorated regiment in the U. S. Army?he endured hellish conditions in the war-torn city of Tikrit, Iraq.

After he returned to the States, he became a cast member on The Real World: Brooklyn in 2008. That came to an end when he received his notice recalling him to duty.

An Angel from Hell is a gritty, blunt, and laugh-out-loud funny war memoir from the grunt's perspective. Conklin reveals what the Iraq war is really like, day to day?the misery, the boredom, the absurdity, the horror, and even the moments of grace. With stunning candor and wisdom beyond his years, Conklin has documented a complex and unavoidably life-changing experience for his generation.

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Antal enheder × 10
Udgave Unabridged CD edition
Udgivet 19/04-2010
ISBN13 9781400114085
Label Tantor
Mål 169 × 144 mm
Estimeret vægt 1.100 gram
Spilletid 750:00:00
Sprog Engelsk
Contributor Conklin Ryan A.