reputation (Magazine Edition Vol 2)

Taylor Swift

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Finally a new album from the greatest female Popstar working today!

For the past two years, Taylor focused on her music, her art, her lyrics and living her life. In these two uniquely different collectible magazines, you will find a variety of art created and curated by Taylor herself including her music, her paintings, her handwritten lyrics and more. This will be the only window of this kind into the creation of Taylor's sixth studio album, reputation.

Inside of the Target Exclusive Volume 2 Magazine, you will find the reputation Standard CD in a double gate-fold holder with the Standard reputation album cover artwork printed on the front and back. You will be able to easily detach this holder from the magazine, and it will have the disk in one sleeve, and the Standard CD booklet in the other.

Unique and exclusive 72-page Volume 2 Magazine includes:

- Taylor Swift's New Album reputation CD

- 12 Photography Portraits

- 21 Personal Photos

- 25 Photos from the Creation of Her Latest Music Video

- 2 Paintings by Taylor

- 1 Target Exclusive Poster

- Poetry by Taylor

- 16 Pages of Handwritten Lyrics on Her Watercolor Paintings

Medie Bøger     Bog/CD   (Bog og CD)
Udgivet 10/11-2017
EAN/UPC 0843930033126
Katalognr. 084393003312
Genre Pop
Estimeret vægt 124 gram