The New American Bible Revised Edition, Large Print Edition

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

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The NABRE Large Print Edition is a convenient, large font version of Oxford's popular Catholic Bible. This black genuine leather edition is printed on smooth, durable paper in a clear typeface and easy-to-navigate format. Durable binding, readable type, and affordable value make this a perfect edition for anyone needing a large print version of the NABRE, whether for public reading or personal devotions. Also available in tan/blue pacific duvelle and paperback.

The New American Bible Revised Edition:

The New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) brings to culmination the work of nearly 100 scholars, including translators, editors, and a subcommittee of Catholic bishops who provided extensive review of the biblical text over a period of many years. The NABRE is the first major amendment to the New American Bible translation since 1991. It features:

*The first update of the Old Testament since 1970, taking into account recent archaeological and textual discoveries.
*Complete revision of the Psalter.

Medie Bøger     Læderbog   (Bog med indbinding i ægte læder)
Udgave Lea Slp Lr edition
Udgivet 05/08-2011
ISBN13 9780195298109
Forlag Oxford University Press
Antal sider 2064
Mål 49 × 165 × 254 mm
Estimeret vægt 1.442 g
Sprog Engelsk