Modern Disciples: Volume 3

Ian Anderson

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The country of Japan is devastated by a mysterious storm that literally leaves a dark cloud over the entire country. By day, the sun struggles to break through the cloud. By night, the country is overrun by nightmares. The lightning from the storm has damaged several power plants causing brown outs and people have a self-imposed curfew. Women are going missing or being murdered in public bathrooms. Men are found dead in the streets. The people of Japan are scared, and they should be. They are caught between the gods of Japan and an enemy that was banished many millennia ago. The one hope they have left is a group of six disciples and the queen of the gods who has gone absent. The third volume of the Modern Disciples saga finds our six heroes in Japan fighting spawn from Japanese mythology. They encounter tengu, kappas, goblins, and some characters from Japanese urban legends. They are not random encounters however. These creatures will be the obstacles on a mission to obtain artifacts that are essential to saving Japan. Not only do they encounter these creatures, but also the disciples will have their first encounter with an actual Titan that predates all other Titans. The story is told from yet a different disciple%u2019s point of view. You will see the team of disciples through her eyes as well as the catastrophe that threatens to end Japan for all time. This time the group will be tested when a disagreement between the disciples will cause a power struggle that could get the disciples killed. They must remember that teamwork and determination is how they win over their enemies, and not any one member%u2019s abilities. Ryan, Jane, Lisa, Armand, Angie and Sajaad are all back as well as a new group of Japanese disciples and gods. Fans of manga, anime and Japanese culture are sure to enjoy this chapter in the disciples%u2019 cold war against the Titans. Despite the differences, the readers are sure to find the same pacing, humor, and action they have come to expect f

Medie Bøger     Paperback Bog   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Udgivet 01/05-2013
ISBN13 9781478708414
Forlag Outskirts Press
Antal sider 238
Mål 229 × 152 × 13 mm
Vægt 322 gram
Sprog Engelsk