The Pastor in the Mirror

Tunde Babalola

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Publisher Marketing: For those who read my last book CRAZY MISTAKES WE PASTORS MAKE, they will probably be surprised I made more mistakes! Darkness has one major advantage; it reminds us of the beauty of light. In my humble experience as a trainer and spiritual mentor, I discovered, success is the quickest way to failure if not properly managed. Coming from the position of leadership, one has discovered, a lot of times, it is an untitled man God depends upon to make an impact upon men. Kings, business leaders and pastors already have a high standard to live up to and that is where many times, they fail. I have stumbled many times myself, but in the words of a man, the harder a leader falls, the higher the bounce. Many of us as God's leaders and servants have contributed immensely to misrepresenting the faith and ignoring the grace we have been given to mentor souls. Yes, we don't go out all the way to commit errors but overtly or covertly, we may end up causing a lot of pains and upset to the ones we are called to lead. Our motives may be right but sometimes our strategies need a revisit. My motivation for penning this satirical but insightful book comes from discussions I had with a backslidden Christian believer who has turned to the Bahai faith and a Pentecostal preacher who left his calling for a secular post. In their many disappointments and pains, I found myself. I am hoping to reach some leaders whose vision may be blurring and trust Jesus, some children of God will learn from my experiences. Thank you Jehovah, for giving me Jesus in my heart. Tunde Babalola January 2015.

Medie Bøger     Paperback Bog   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Udgivet 27/5-2015
ISBN13 9781504937870
Forlag Authorhouse
Antal sider 116
Mål 203 × 127 × 7 mm
Vægt 132 g
Sprog Engelsk