3 Day Guide to Singapore: a 72-hour Definitive Guide on What to See, Eat and Enjoy in Singapore, Singapore

3 Day City Guides

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Publisher Marketing: See. Eat. Sleep. Enjoy. A 72-Hour Guide to Singapore, Singapore. City breaks are perfect for those long weekends away. You go to a city and you've got only a short amount of time to see the sights, there's no time to get distracted. But what if you don't know exactly what to do and see? Which places to eat at? When the best time is to visit? With an enticing mixture of traditional Buddhist temples and sleek modern architecture, history and Burgis Street nightlife, Singapore is the travel destination for anyone who desires a bit of everything. Travel back in time as you visit one of any number of museums; stare in awe at some of the most breath-taking views from atop the famed Altitude bar; dance the night away in one of Singapore's many dance clubs or take a tour of the lush Botanical Gardens or any of the other parks that Singapore has to offer. An exciting infusion of Asian cultures from around the region Singapore has so much to offer anyone who decides to visit this modern metropolis. Inside "3-Day Guide to Singapore: A 72-hour definitive guide on what to see, eat and enjoy in Singapore, Singapore": History - we've put together a historic overview of Singapore, guiding you through the stories behind the most famous landmarks of the city, such as the mythical Merlion, and hopefully giving you some ideas along the way. Climate - with a quick run-down of the climate you can ensure that you visit Singapore at the time that's best for you. Teamed with the city overview you can make sure that you get all that you want from this visit. City Overview - home to the Esplanade Concert Hall and a bustling nightlife it is almost guaranteed that life in Singapore is never boring. The city overview lets you know what's happening so you won't miss anything that you might want to see. Transport - Train, plane or road, however you want to get to Singapore, it's all made simpler with our handy guide to transport to and around the city. This book is packed with tips and tricks to help you keep travel stress free and cross the city like a local. Sight-seeing - helping you to make the most of your visit and turn your holiday into the trip of a life time this guide is full of attractions to suit any type of adventurer, including; art, theater, music, night life, history, architecture, museums, landmarks, parks, sightseeing and so much more. 3 Day Itinerary - For those of you who aren't sure exactly what you want to see but want to plunge straight in to exploring Singapore, there's a handy itinerary all drawn up for you. Filled with dozens of exciting ideas you can just pick and choose which parts you want to use and your trip of a lifetime is set. Best Places for Any Budget - with comprehensive lists of the best places to eat, sleep and enjoy a night out all arranged by budget levels you're bound to find something for you no matter what your budget is and what you've come to see. Grab your copy of "3-Day Guide to Singapore: A 72-hour definitive guide on what to see, eat and enjoy in Singapore, Singapore to begin experiencing the best of Singapore, today. "

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Udgivet 11/02-2015
ISBN13 9781507828991
Forlag Createspace
Genre Cultural Region > Southeast Asian
Antal sider 72
Mål 203 × 127 × 4 mm
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