When You're Strange

The Doors

The Doors were very much a band of their time, a group whose music reflected the social and political upheaval of the late '60s and early '70s, and yet their appeal has endured thanks to the hypnotic music of guitarist Robby Krieger, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and drummer John Densmore as well as the magisterial power of lead vocalist and lyricist Jim Morrison. The group's moment in the spotlight was short -- their debut album was released in early 1967, and Morrison would die in Paris in the summer of 1971 -- but their music and image continues to fascinate music fans, and filmmaker Tom DiCillo explores the Doors and their times in this documentary. Featuring rare footage from the archives of Paul Ferrara, a filmmaker who struck up a friendship with Morrison when they were both attending UCLA, DiCillo's film also includes excerpts from HWY: AN AMERICAN PASTORAL, a short film Morrison directed in 1969.

Medie Film     DVD
Udgivet 30/08-2010
EAN/UPC 5050582795561
Label Universal
Katalognr. 8279556
Genre Documentary
Estimeret vægt 124 gram
Region Region 2 (Europa)
Sprog Engelsk
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