Columbo Complete TV series

One of the most famous detectives to ever hit the television screen, COLUMBO (Peter Falk) has become an iconic character in popular culture. Forever clad in a raincoat and chomping a cigar, the dishevelled Columbo seems as scatterbrained as his appearance would suggest. However, even when it appears that his investigation is going nowhere, Columbo's keen mind is absorbing details and clues, until finally he reveals that he knows everything that's happened. Each episode opens with a murder, followed by Columbo's investigation, and finally his revelation of how he put the events together. COLUMBO became popular and famous for its clever dramatic structure and Peter Falk's winning portrayal of the detective. This release includes the complete series of the show.


Denne box indeholder samtlige afsnit fordelt på 35 plader

Spilletid ialt: 86 timer, 51 minutter

Audio: Engelsk DD2.0 (Mono)


Sæson 1: Engelsk (for hørehæmmede)

Sæson 2: Engelsk, DANSK, svensk, norsk, finsk, fransk, hollandsk, italiensk, tysk

Sæson 3: INGEN undertekster

Sæson 4: Engelsk (for hørehæmmede)

Sæson 5: Engelsk, DANSK, svensk, norsk, finsk

Sæson 6: Engelsk (for hørehæmmede)

Sæson 7: Engelsk (for hørehæmmede)

Sæson 8: Engelsk (for hørehæmmede)

Sæson 9: Engelsk (for hørehæmmede)

Sæson 10: Engelsk (for hørehæmmede)

Medie Film     DVD
Antal enheder × 35
Udgivet 07/12-2016
EAN/UPC 5050582868487
Katalognr. 8286848
Genre Drama
Estimeret vægt 2.232 gram
Spilletid 73:31:00
Region Region 2 (Europa)
Billedformat 4:3
Sprog Engelsk  
Undertekster Engelsk
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