Antichrist the

Arthur Kennedy

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Made a year after William Friedkin's seminal film, THE ANTICHRIST Italy's reaction to THE EXORCIST phenomenon, but rather than being a rip-off it actually brings some originality and style to the demonic possession sub-genre. Carla Gravina stars as Ippolita, a beautiful but crippled young woman who is paralyzed from the waist down. When placed under hypnosis to determine the nature of her paralysis, bizarre visions of satanic rites begin to plague Ippolita, who begins to remember a past life as a heretic witch. Soon Ippolita is walking again, but she has turned into a murderous seductress who could become the host for the devil himself, leading to the inevitable attempt at exorcism by a wise monk.

Medie Film     DVD
Udgivet Storbritannien, 16/03-2009
EAN/UPC 5055201806451
Label Elevation
Katalognr. OPTD1505
Estimeret vægt 124 gram
Region Region 2 (Europa)
Bemærk Filmen har ikke undertekster på dansk.