Minkowski Marc

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Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 3
Specielt cover Box set
Komponist/Instruktør Händel
Udgivet Holland, 02/04-2002
EAN/UPC 0028946953228
Katalognr. DEGR469532.2
Genre Classical
Estimeret vægt 248 gram


  1. Croft, Richard - Hercules (Englisch)
  2. Ouvertuere (Erster Akt)
  3. Menuetto (Erster Akt)
  4. See with What Sad Dejection (Erster Akt)
  5. No Longer, Fate, Relentless Frown (Erster Akt)
  6. O Hercules! Why Art Thou Absent from Me? (Erster a
  7. The World, when Day's Career is Run (Erster Akt)
  8. Princess! Be Comforted, & Hope the Best (Erster
  9. I Feel, I Feel the God (Erster Akt)
  10. He Said, the Sacred Fury Left His Breast (Erster a
  11. There in Myrtle Shades Reclined (Erster Akt)
  12. Despair Not; but Let Rising Hope Suspend (Erster a
  13. Where Congealed the Northern Streams (Erster Akt)
  14. O Filial Piety! O Generous Love! (Erster Akt)
  15. Banish Your Fears (Erster Akt)
  16. Begone, My Fears, Fly, Hence, Away (Erster Akt)
  17. A Train of Captives, Red with Honest Wounds (Erste
  18. Banish Your Fears (Erster Akt)
  19. Let None Despair, Relief May Come Though Late (Ers
  20. March (Erster Akt)
  21. Thanks to the Powers Above (Erster Akt)
  22. My Father! Ah! Methinks I See (Erster Akt)
  23. Now Farewell, Arms! (Erster Akt)
  24. The God of Battle Quits the Bloody Field (Erster a
  25. Ah Me! How Soon the Flatterer Hope (Erster Akt)
  26. Daughter of Gods, Bright Liberty! (Erster Akt)
  27. Crow with Festal Pomp the Day (Erster Akt)
CD 2
  1. Sinfonia (Zweiter Akt)
  2. Why Was I Born a Princess (Zweiter Akt)
  3. How Blest the Maid Ordained to Dwell (Zweiter Akt)
  4. It Must Be So! Fame Speaks Aloud My Wrongs (Zweite
  5. When Beauty Sorrow's Liv'ry Wears (Zweiter Akt)
  6. Whence This Unjust Suspicion? (Zweiter Akt)
  7. Ah! Think What Ills the Jealous Prove (Zweiter Akt
  8. It is Too Sure That Hercules is False (Zweiter Akt
  9. In Vain You Strive His Falsehood to Disguise! (Zwe
  10. Jealousy! Infernal Pest (Zweiter Akt)
  11. She Knows My Pasion, & Has Heard Me Breathe (Zwe
  12. Banish Love from Thy Breast (Zweiter Akt)
  13. Forgive a Passion, Which Resistless Sways (Zweiter
  14. From Celestial Seats Descending (Zweiter Akt)
  15. Wanton God of Amorous Fires (Zweiter Akt)
  16. Yes, I Congratulate Your Titles (Zweiter Akt)
  17. Alcides' Name in Latest Story (Zweiter Akt)
  18. O Glorious Pattern of Heroic Deeds! (Zweiter Akt)
  19. Resign Thy Club & Lion's Spoils (Zweiter Akt)
  20. You Are Deceived! Some Villain Has Belied (Zweiter
  21. Cease, Ruler of the Day, to Rise (Zweiter Akt)
  22. Some Kinder Power Inspire Me to Regain (Zweiter Ak
  23. As Stars, That Rise & Disappear (Zweiter Akt)
  24. But See, the Princess Iole. Retire! (Zweiter Akt)
  25. Joys of Freedom, Joys of Power (Zweiter Akt)
  26. Father of Hercules, Great Jove (Zweiter Akt)
  27. Love & Hymen, Hand in Hand (Zweiter Akt)
CD 3
  1. Sinfonia (Dritter Akt)
  2. Ye Sons of Trachin, Mourn Your Valiant Chief (Drit
  3. O Scene of Unexampled Woe (Dritter Akt)
  4. Tyrants Now No More Shall Dread (Dritter Akt)
  5. O Jove! What Land is This, What Clime Accurst (Dri
  6. Great Jove! Relieve His Pains! (Dritter Akt)
  7. Let Not Fame the Tidings Spread (Dritter Akt)
  8. Where Shall I Fly? Where Hide This Guilty Head? (D
  9. Lo! the Fair Fatal Cause of All This Ruin! (Dritte
  10. My Breast with Tender Pity Swells (Dritter Akt)
  11. Princess, Rejoice! Whose Heaven-directed Hand (Dri
  12. He, Who for Atlas Prop'd the Sky (Dritter Akt)
  13. Words Are Too Faint to Speak the Warring Passions
  14. O Prince, Whose Virtues All Admire (Dritter Akt)
  15. Ye Sons of Freedom, Now, in Ev'ry Clime (Dritter a
  16. To Him Your Grateful Notes of Praise Belong (Dritt

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