Completely in Luv'


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62 track pressing on 4 CD's. Universal.



Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 4
Udgivet 06/06-2006
EAN/UPC 0602498574379
Katalognr. IMT629218.2
Genre Pop
Estimeret vægt 310 gram
Antal tracks 62


  1. You're The Greatest Lover
  2. Who Do You Wanna Be
  3. My Man
  4. Sugar Babe
  5. Don Juanita De Carnaval
  6. Life Is On My Side
  7. U. O. Me
  8. Dream, Dream
  9. Oh, Get Ready
  10. Louis, Je T'adore
  11. Everybody's Shaking Hands On Broadway
  12. Hang On
  13. Don't Let Me Down (Bonus Track)
  14. Eres Mi Mejor Amante Spanish Version: You're the Greatest Lover (Bonus Track)
  15. All You Need is Luv' Jingle (Bonus Track)
CD 2
  1. Casanova
  2. Eeeny Meeny Miny Moe
  3. D.J.
  4. Shoes off (Boots On)
  5. Marcellino
  6. Dandy
  7. The Night Of Love
  8. Money, Honey
  9. I.M.U.R.
  10. I Like Sugar Candy Kisses
  11. If You Love Me
  12. Saint Tropez
  13. Trojan Horse (Bonus Track)
  14. Casanova Spanish Version (Bonus Track)
  15. Luv' Hitpack (Long Version) Casanova, Life is on My Side, U.o. Me, Casanova, You're the Greatest Lover, Life is on My Side, Trojan Horse, Everybody's Shaking Hands on Broadway, Casanova (Bonus Track)
  16. All You Need is Luv' Jingle (Bonus Track)
CD 3
  1. Ooh Yes I Do
  2. Ann-Maria
  3. Rhythm 'n Shoes
  4. Flash
  5. Boys Goodnight
  6. Daddy, What A Life
  7. Cloud Nr. 9
  8. Wine, Women And Song
  9. Getaway
  10. Stop Me
  11. My Guy
  12. Let There Be Love
  13. Si Que Si (Bonus Track)
  14. Ann-maria (Spanish Version) (Bonus Track)
  15. All You Need is Luv' Jingle (Bonus Track)
CD 4
  1. My Number One
  2. Billy The Kid
  3. Never Wanted To Be
  4. Mother Of The Hearts
  5. Tingalingaling
  6. The Show Must Go On
  7. Ooh I Like It Too
  8. I Win It
  9. Song Of Love And Understanding
  10. Some Call It Happiness
  11. Be My Lover Tonight
  12. One More Little Kissie
  13. You're the Greatest Lover ('93 Remix)
  14. Megamix '93 (Long Version) U O Me, You're the Greatest Lover, Trojan Horse, Ooh Yes I Do, Casanova (Bonus Track)
  15. Trojan Horse (2006 Remix) (Bonus Track)
  16. All You Need is Luv' Jingle (Bonus Track)