Nice 'n' Easy - Frank Sinatra - Musik - CAPITOL - 0602508726026 - 5/6-2020

Nice 'n' Easy

Frank Sinatra

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Nice 'n' Easy

o 60th Anniversary

o The album is newly mixed for this 60th anniversary release

o Originally released on Capitol Records - Newly mastered at Capitol Studios

o A jewel in the Sinatra catalog

o Features the hit title song, "I've Got A Crush on You," "You Go to My Head," and many more classic ballad performances

o Several tracks are new, "easy" interpretations of songs Sinatra had previously recorded; "Nice 'n' Easy" was then a brand-new song co-written by the new songwriting duo Alan and Marilyn Bergman (née Keith)

o Another triumph in a series of collaborations between Sinatra and arranger/conductor Nelson Riddle

o "Nelson is the greatest arranger in the world... I have the greatest respect for him." - Frank Sinatra in the CD liner notes

o The LP features the original 12 songs in the new stereo mix

o The CD and digital releases feature those 12, plus full sessions of "I've Got A Crush on You" and "Nice 'n' Easy" that include previously unreleased alternate takes and revealing Sinatra studio chatter. Added too is the master of "The Nearness of You" with its original take slate - all of it gold for Sinatra fans

o Vinyl LP is a faithful reproduction of the original Capitol Records 'Full Dimensional Stereo' sleeve

o CD packaging adds a booklet with liner notes from Sinatra, Riddle, Sinatra pianist Bill Miller, and more, as well as a touching reissue producer's note from Charlie Pignone


2020 MIX

Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Udgave Remastered edition
Udgivet 5/6-2020
EAN/UPC 0602508726026
Katalognr. 060250872602
Genre Jazz
Mål 125 × 142 × 10 mm
Estimeret vægt 124 g