B. B. King

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Legendary bluesman B. B. King's glittering career has seen him lauded as one of the all-time greats of the genre. This program presents a chance to see King performing live, with footage taken from two nights--one in Memphis, the other in Nashville--of sessions at his own clubs. King performs with a full backing band as he delights his audience with renditions of classic tracks such as 'When Love Comes to Town', 'The Thrill Is Gone', and 'Ain't That Just Like A Woman'.


NTSC // LIVE 2006

Medie Musik     MDVD   (Musik-DVD)
Udgivet Holland, 18/02-2008
EAN/UPC 0602517531079
Label Pop Strategic Marketing
Katalognr. 060251753107
Genre Musik
Estimeret vægt 126 gram
Spilletid 02:20:00
Lydformat Dolby Digital 2.0
Billedformat 16:9
Primary Contributor B.B. King