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André Rieu

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An exciting 4DVD collection from Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra.

Under The Stars

Under The Stars contains 24 tracks and guest appearances by the South African Soweto Gospel Choir, The Harlem Gospel Choir, the St. Petersburg trio and local act 'Ziesjoem.

Oscar-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins and his wife flew in a private jet to Maastricht to attend the concerts. The Hollywood-based star is a great admirer of André Rieu and wrote a piece called "And The Waltz Goes On" specially with Rieu in mind. André Rieu recorded it earlier in 2011 and performed it in Maastricht for the first time for such a large crowd. "I thought: This is extraordinary. I'm sitting here - this little boy from South Wales. I can't believe I wrote this!" says Sir Hopkins. "André Rieu is such a great musician. And I think his love for music transmits itself to thousands of people."

New York Memories

The Dutch conductor and violinist André Rieu performs a selection of popular tunes including 'My Way', 'Singing in the Rain' and 'Amazing Grace', live at New York's famous Radio City Music Hall.

Romantic Paradise

While on a short holiday in Italy with family and friends, I found myself visiting a small town in Tuscany called Cortona, and I fell in love with it immediately. What an atmosphere! My fans would love this place! And when I wandered into the centre of Cortona I just couldn't believe my luck: right in the middle of the town was the perfect location for my new DVD: the Piazza Della Repubblica... These were the ideas that marked the start of what was to become the Romantic Paradise adventure in Cortona." -- André Rieu

In Wonderland

André Rieu's In Wonderland DVD features beautiful fairy-tale music including "Swan Lake", "Hansel and Gretel", "Solveigs Song", the "Sabre Dance", the "Old Castle", "Cinderella" and the "Magic Flute". It was recorded at Efteling, one of the worlds most beautiful theme parks, and performed by André Rieu, his orchestra and choir. The DVD also has contributions from Suzan Erens, Carmen Monarcha, Carla Maffioletti, Mirusia Louwerse, Brian Dickerson, the Platinum Tenors, soloists from the Ballet of the Vienna State Opera, the International Dance Theatre, and the Berlin Folk-Music Sparrows.

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Udgivet 01/12-2014
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