Rock Love

Steve Miller Band

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Rock Love is the sixth album by American rock band The Steve Miller Band, released in 1971. All of Miller's previous backing band had left following the recording of the previous album, save bassist Bobby Winkelman. They were replaced by members of Winkelman's previous group, the psychedelic rock band Frumious Bandersnatch for this record, including Ross Valory (a future member of Journey) on bass, and Jack King on drums. Bobby Winkelman was in the band (having moved back to rhythm guitar) during the live recordings on the album's first side, but is not credited on the album cover. David Denny, who later joined the band in 1976, is a guest guitarist (again, not credited) on "Blues Without Blame". The album consists of three blues-rock tracks recorded live, including lengthy jam-style "Love Shock" which lasts nearly 12 minutes and includes an extensive drum solo, and four studio tracks.



Medie Musik     LP   (LP VINYL)
Udgave High quality edition
Udgivet 17/05-2018
EAN/UPC 0602567239086
Katalognr. 060256723908
Genre Rock
Estimeret vægt 300 gram

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