Soundpieces: Da Antidote!


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Now, back in its original 3LP form, we have included a download card and bonus 7" record with an unreleased track / Madlib / ft. Tha Liks, Dilated Peoples, Declaime, Medaphoar, Oh No, Kazi, Gods Gift & Quasimoto / incl. "The Anthem", "Weededed" and "Whenimondamic" Lootpack - Madlib, Wildchild and DJ Romes - first made their presence known in 1994 when the groups beat conductor, Madlib, produced Mary Jane, a Tha Alkaholiks 12. Later that year, Lootpacks lyrical skills were heard on the song Turn The Party Out on the Alkaholiks debut LP 21 And Over, and WLIX from the Liks second LP. The positive feedback from these collaborations led to the Lootpacks own EP Ill Psych Move on Crate Diggers Palace Records in 1996, a venture funded by Madlibs father, soul-crooner Otis Jackson Sr. It was through this poorly-distributed 12 that the group caught the attention of Stones Throw Records founder Peanut Butter Wolf, who heard the record on college radio and hunted the group down. The group eventually signed for Stones Throw, paving the way for the release of 1999s Soundpieces: Da Antidote. Tracklisting: 1. Da Antidote 2. Questions 3. Long Awaited feat. Dilated Peoples 4. B-Boy-Theme 5. Whenimondamic 6. The Anthem 7. Level Zero feat. Oh No & MED 8. Crate Diggin 9. Law Of Physics 10. Frenz Vs. Endz feat. Kazi 11. Interview With Kurt 12. Speaker Smashin 13. New Years Resolution 14. Answers feat. Quasimoto 15. Likwit Fusion feat. Tha Alkaholiks & Defari 16. Hityawitdat 17. Verbal Experiments feat. Gods Gift 18. Stylewild 19. Weededed 20. 20 Questions feat. Quasimoto 21. Break Dat Party feat. Declaime 22. Wanna Test feat. MED 23. Episodes feat. Kazi, Gods Gift, Declaime, Oh No & MED 24. Outro


LP + 7''

Medie Musik     VINYL
Antal enheder × 4
Udgave Deluxe edition
Udgivet USA, 27/03-2012
EAN/UPC 0659457201913
Label Vital
Katalognr. SNHO2019.1
Genre Hip-hop
Estimeret vægt 500 gram