The Swan Silvertones 1946-1951

Swan Silvertones

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2 CD set. The beginnings of The Swan Silvertones, one of the most revered and respected Gospel vocal groups of all time, starts with the legendary high tenor, falsetto voice of the Reverend Claude Jeter. His influence over a generation of Soul singers to come is breathtakingly presented on this 2-CD collection of some of their greatest early recordings. You will hear echoes of Bobby Womack, Wilson Pickett and David Ruffin and indeed much of the early Temptations sound in these tracks many of which are making their first appearance on CD. Acrobat. 2005.

Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 2
Udgivet EU, 14/03-2005
EAN/UPC 0824046300425
Katalognr. ADDCD3004
Genre Gospel
Estimeret vægt 186 gram