Complete Sun Singles 6 / Various

Complete Sun Singles 6 / Various

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Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 4
Specielt cover Box set
Udgivet Holland, 26/01-1999
EAN/UPC 4000127158062
Katalognr. BFY15806.2
Genre Rock & Roll
Estimeret vægt 310 gram


  1. Carl Mannn/mona Lisa-foolish One
  2. Edwin Howard/more Pretty Girls Than One-forty-
  3. 'leven Times
  4. Ernie Barton/open the Door Richard-shut Your Mou
  5. Charlie Rich/rebound-big Man
  6. Bobbie & Boys/these Silly Blues-to Tell the Trut
  7. Bill Justis/cloud Nine-flea Circus
  8. Brad Suggs/706 Union-low Outside
  9. Carl Mann/rockin' Love-pretend
  10. The Memphis Bells/snow Job-midnite Whistle
  11. Mack Self/willie Brown-mad at You
  12. Brad Suggs/ooh Wee-i Walk the Line
  13. Carl Mann/some Enchanted Evening-i Can't Forget
  14. Sonny Burgess/sadie's Back in Town-a Kiss Goodni
  15. Charlie Rich/lonely Weekends-everything I Do is
  16. Barbara Pittman/handsome Man-the Eleventh Comman
  17. Brad Suggs/cloudy-partly Cloudy
  18. Carl Mann/i'm Comin' Home-south of the Border
  19. Don Hinton/honey Bee-jo Ann
  20. Jeb Stuart/sunny Side of the Street-take a Chance
  21. Eddie Bush/baby I Don't Care-vanished
  22. The Hawk/i Get the Blues when It Rains-in the Mo
  23. Charlie Rich/gonna Be Waitin'-school Days
  24. Danny Stewart/somewhere Along the Line-i'll Chan
  25. Charleie Rich/stay-on My Knees
  26. Brad Suggs/sam's Tune-my Gypsy
  27. Carl Man/wayward Wind-born to Be Bad
  28. Jimmy Louis/gone and Left Me Blues-your Fool
  29. Charlie Rich/who Will the Next Fool Be-caught in
  30. Jeb Stuart/coming Down with the Blues-dream
  31. Nelson Ray/you're Everything-you've Come Home
  32. Carl Mann/i Ain't Got No Home-if I Could Change
  33. Jean Dee/nothing Down-my Greatest Hurt
  34. Brad Suggs/elephant Walk-like, Catchin' Up
  35. Charlie Rich/it's Too Late-just a Little Bit Swe
  36. Mikki Wilcox/i Know What It Means-willing and Wa
  37. Freddie North/someday She'll Come Along-don't Make
  38. Jeb Stuart/i Betcha Gonna Like It/little Miss Love
  39. Charlie Rich/midnite Blues/easy Money
  40. Thomas Wayne/i've Got It Made-the Quiet Look
  41. Frank Frost/jelly Roll King-crawlback
  42. Carl Mann/mountain Dew-when I Grow Too Old to Drea
  43. Jeb Stuart/i Ain't Never-in Love Again
  44. David Wilkins/thanks a Lot-there's Something About
  45. Charlie Rich/finally Found Out-sittin' and Thinkin
  46. David Houston/miss Brown-sherry's Lips
  47. Charlie Rich/there's Another Place I Can't Go-i Ne
  48. Jeanne Newman/thanks a Lot-the Boy I Met Today
  49. The Quintones/times Sho' Gettin'ruff-softie