Blackwood Brothers



Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 6
Udgivet Holland, 13/08-2002
EAN/UPC 4000127163080
Katalognr. BFY16308.2
Genre Gospel
Estimeret vægt 434 gram
Sprog Engelsk


  1. Everywhere He Went (He Was Doing Good)
  2. Rock-a-my-soul
  3. I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone
  4. The Love of God
  5. The Keys to the Kingdom
  6. Angels Watches over Me
  7. My Journey to the Sky
  8. He Bought My Soul at Calvary
  9. Peace in the Valley
  10. It is No Secret
  11. Take My Hand Precious Lord
  12. Mansion over the Hilltop
  13. Want Arest
  14. Swing Down Chariot
  15. Oh, What a Time
  16. My God is Real
  17. The Hand of God
  18. Joy, Joy, Joy (To My Soul)
  19. At the End of the Trail
  20. He Knows Just How Much You Can Bear
  21. Someone to Care
  22. How Many Times
  23. Peace Like a River
  24. Every Day Will Be Sunday, by and by
  25. Gloryland Jubilee
  26. One Step (Toward the Lord)
  27. His Hand in Mine
  28. Jesus the Way Maker
  29. I'm Feelin' Fine
  30. Brush the Dust off the Bible
  31. The Man Upstairs
CD 2
  1. How About Your Heart
  2. The Workshop of the Lord
  3. I Don't Care What the World May Do
  4. Take a Look in the Book
  5. Dear Lord, Remember Me
  6. Live Right, Die Right
  7. Led by the Master's Hand
  8. Christ is a Wonderful Saviour
  9. Will Heaven Be Heaven Without You
  10. Church Twice on Sunday
  11. What a Morning
  12. The Lord is a Busy Man
  13. The Soul Spangled Banner
  14. I Saw a Man
  15. Inside the Gate
  16. Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy
  17. Heavenly Love
  18. I Just Can't Make It by Myself
  19. I Don't Mind
  20. I Wanta Go There
  21. The King and I Walk Hand in Hand
  22. He Knows Just What I Need
  23. Stop and Pray
  24. Wonderful Savior
  25. Suppertime
  26. Something Old, Something New
  27. My Saving King
  28. Wonderful
  29. I've Heard About a City
  30. If I Pray
  31. The Good Book
  32. Give US This Day
CD 3
  1. You Are the Finger of God
  2. The Touch of His Hand
  3. Then I Met the Master
  4. I Was There when It Happened
  5. I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto the Hill
  6. Never
  7. I Wouldn't Trade
  8. His Love
  9. Jesus Holds the Keys
  10. No Tears in Heaven
  11. Jesus is Mine
  12. Farther Along
  13. I'm Bound for That City
  14. There's One
  15. Peace of Mind
  16. He Lifted Me from Sin
  17. Give Me Strength to Stand
  18. Jesus Lifted Me
  19. On the Other Side of Jordan
  20. I'm Thankful
  21. Without a Prayer
  22. Pay As You Go
  23. Wonderful Love
  24. Take Me Home
  25. Tho' I'm Unworthy
  26. Night and Day (I'll Follow Where He Leads)
  27. Do You Know It Jesus
  28. How Great Thou Art
  29. He's All That I Need
  30. He's My King
CD 4
  1. Inside Your Heart
  2. I Get Happy
  3. Do You Go to Church
  4. I'm Free
  5. I'm Happy and Free
  6. God Made a Way
  7. His Hands
  8. Gentle Hands
  9. Invisible Hands
  10. A Wonderful Time Up There
  11. Not My Will
  12. Shall I Crucify Him
  13. Tell Some One About Jesus
  14. Amazing Grace
  15. What a Friend
  16. Rock of Ages
  17. The Last Mile of the Way/when I Make My Last Mov
  18. When I Take My Vacation in Heaven
  19. Who is That
  20. The Stranger of Galilee
  21. The Old Rugged Cross
  22. When I'm Alone
  23. Sweet Peace
  24. Whispering Hope
  25. Footprints of Jesus
  26. I've Got It (You Can Have It)
  27. One by One
  28. There is a God
CD 5
  1. Walkin' and Talkin' with My Lord
  2. For My Good Fortune
  3. I Can't Stand Up Alone
  4. Beyond God's Horizon
  5. He Will See You Through
  6. Land Called Heaven
  7. Behind Your Tears
  8. Each Step I Take
  9. My All I Give
  10. Walking in the Light
  11. Dreams of Tomorrow
  12. My Lord Goes with Me
  13. Paradise Island
  14. Do You Know My Jesus
  15. Do You Go to Church
  16. Pay As You Go
  17. I'm Thankful
  18. Not My Will
  19. Hide Me, Rock of Ages
  20. I Get Happy
  21. I Wouldn't Trade
  22. How Great Thou Art
  23. Never
  24. Then I Met the Master
  25. Dear Lord, Remember Me
  26. The Devil Can't Harm a Praying Man
  27. He's All That I Need
  28. What a Morning
CD 6
  1. Book