Final Remixes

Die Krupps

'Final Remixes' features 16 re-mixed tracks including 'Inside Out' (Jeff Walker Of Carcass Remix), 'Shellshocked' (Aaron Aedy Of Paradise Lost Remix), 'Bloodsuckers' (Phillip Boa & M. D. Moses Remix), 'The Dawning of Doom' (Waltari Remix), 'Rings Of Steel' (Pro-Pain & Steve Remote Remix), 'Hi Tech Low Life' (Julian Beeston & Del Tagg Remix) and more! Energ. 2005.

Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Udgivet Italien, 02/01-1996
EAN/UPC 4005902199520
Label Energy Records
Katalognr. ERCD64
Genre Industrial
Estimeret vægt 124 gram