Early Sixties Girl Groups

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Compact Disc Double

Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 2
Udgave Remastered edition
Udgivet 26/04-2019
EAN/UPC 5032427198706
Katalognr. CDSGP1987
Genre Pop
Estimeret vægt 186 gram


  1. Oh My Love (The Chiffons)
  2. Uptown (The Crystals)
  3. Tonights the Night (The Shirelles)
  4. The Search is over (The Blossoms)
  5. I Sold My Heart to the Junkman (Blue Belles)
  6. Tell Him (The Exciters)
  7. Let Me Go the Right Way (Supremes)
  8. Look in My Eyes (The Chantels)
  9. The Duchess of Earl (Bobbie Smith)
  10. You Should Have Told Me (The Angels)
  11. My Dream (The Sharmettes)
  12. Silhouttes (The Ronettes)
  13. I'm Blue (The Gong Gong Song) (Ikettes)
  14. Chains (The Cookies)
  15. Mr. Magic Moon (Kim Sisters)
  16. Playboy (The Marvelettes)
  17. My Baby Won't Come Back (Martha Reeves)
  18. The Wah-watusi (The Orlons)
  19. You're Gonna Pay (The Nevetts)
  20. Pop Pop Pop Pie (The Sherrys)
  21. Still (The Chantels)
  22. Mighty Fine (O'nita Hammond & Group)
  23. Let Me Be the One (The Paris Sisters)
  24. He's So Fine (The Chiffons)
  25. A Little Tear (Linda Martell)
  26. He's Sure the Boy I Love (Crystals)
  27. Time Changes Things (The Supremes)
  28. Believe Me My Angel (The Veneers)
  29. On the Wagon (The Charmaines)
  30. I Don't Like It Like That (Bobbettes)
CD 2
  1. Beechwood 4-5789 (Marvelettes)
  2. Don't Hang Up (The Orlons)
  3. Hard to Get (The Blossoms)
  4. You're a Hard Guy to Please (Contessas)
  5. Come on Let Me Try (Linda & the Del Rios)
  6. Soldier Boy (The Shirelles)
  7. Over There (The Bobbettes)
  8. Doctor of Hearts (The Chiffons)
  9. Everybody Loves a Lover (Shirelles)
  10. Son in Law (The Blossoms)
  11. You Bet I Would (The Ronettes)
  12. Cry Baby Cry (The Angels)
  13. Summertime (The Chantels)
  14. Your Heart Belongs to Me (The Supremes)
  15. Joey Baby (Anita & Th' So-and-so's)
  16. He's a Rebel (The Crystals)
  17. Trouble on My Mind (The Ikettes)
  18. Hard Way to Go (The Exciters)
  19. Tell Me (The Sharmettes)
  20. I'll Have to Let Him Go (Martha Reeves)
  21. Are You Satisfied (The Bobbettes)
  22. Mama Said (The Shirelles)
  23. Stranger in My Arms (The Cookies)
  24. Don't Cry My Soldier Boy (The Shondells)
  25. What a Nice Way to Turn Seventeen (Crystals)
  26. I Don't Think So (The Shirelles)
  27. He Knows I Love Him Too Much (Paris Sisters)
  28. The Things I Want to Hear (Shirelles)
  29. Too Strong to Be Strung Along (Marvelettes)
  30. No One Ever Tells You (The Crystals)