Best of the Columbia Singles 1950-61

Guy Mitchell

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Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 4
Udgivet 23/06-2016
EAN/UPC 5036408183729
Katalognr. RGMCD229
Genre Pop
Estimeret vægt 310 gram


  1. Giddy-ap
  2. Where in the World
  3. To Me You're a Song
  4. Angels Cry (When Sweethearts Tell a Lie)
  5. You're Not in My Arms Tonight
  6. Marrying for Love
  7. You're Just in Love
  8. The Place Where I Worship
  9. The House of the Singing Bamboo
  10. The Roving Kind
  11. My Heart Cries for You
  12. Sparrow on the Treetop
  13. Christopher Columbus
  14. A Beggar in Love
  15. Unless
  16. My Truly Truly Fair
  17. Who Knows Love
  18. Belle, Belle, My Liberty Belle
  19. Sweetheart of Yesterday
  20. I Can't Help It
  21. There's Always Room at Our House
  22. We Won't Live in a Castle
  23. Wimmin'
  24. (There's a Pawnshop on the Corner In) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvan
  25. Gently, Johnny
CD 2
  1. A Little Kiss Goodnight
  2. The Day of Jubilo
  3. You'll Never Be Mine
  4. Feet Up (Pat Him on the Po-po)
  5. Jenny Kissed Me
  6. (Cause I Love You) That's A-why
  7. Train of Love
  8. Don't Rob Another Man's Castle
  9. Why Should I Go Home
  10. She Wears Red Feathers
  11. Pretty Little Black Eyed Susie
  12. I Want You for a Sunbeam
  13. So Am I
  14. Walkin' and Wond'rin'
  15. Wise Man or Fool
  16. There's Nothing As Sweet As My Baby
  17. Tell Us Where the Good Times Are
  18. Hannah Lee
  19. Look at That Girl
  20. Chick-a-boom
  21. Cloud Lucky Seven
  22. Sippin' Soda
  23. Strollin' Blues
  24. The Cuff of My Shirt
  25. Got a Hole in My Sweater
CD 3
  1. A Dime and a Dollar
  2. Meet a Happy Guy
  3. Tear Down the Mountains
  4. My Heaven and Earth
  5. There Once Was a Man
  6. What Am I Doin' in Kansas City
  7. You've Ruined Me
  8. Gee, but You Gotta Come Home
  9. I Met the Cutest Little Eyeful
  10. Zoo Baby
  11. Nobody Home
  12. Man Overboard
  13. Let Us Be Sweethearts over Again
  14. Too Late
  15. Belonging
  16. Ninety Nines Years (Dead or Alive)
  17. Solo
  18. Give Me a Carriage with Eight White Horses
  19. I Used to Yate Ya
  20. Singing the Blues
  21. Crazy with Love
  22. Knee Deep in the Blues
  23. Take Me Back Baby
  24. Rock-a-billy
  25. Hoot Owl
CD 4
  1. In the Middle of a Dark Dark Night
  2. Sweet Stuff
  3. Cure for the Blues
  4. Call Rosie on the Phone
  5. C'mon Let's Go
  6. The Unbeliever
  7. (I'm Walking Down) a One Way Street
  8. The Lord Made a Peanut
  9. Till We're Engaged
  10. Hangin' Around
  11. Honey Brown Eyes
  12. Butterfly Doll
  13. Let It Shine, Let It Shine
  14. Under a Rainbow (And over the Blues)
  15. Alias Jesse James
  16. Loosen Up Lucy
  17. Heartaches by the Number
  18. The Same Old Me
  19. Build My Gallows High (The Clock in the Tower)
  20. Symphony of Spring
  21. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
  22. Silver Moon Upon the Golden Sands
  23. Sunshine Guitar
  24. Ridin' Around in the Rain
  25. Your Goodnight Kiss