Singer & the Song

Cash,johnny & Bob Dylan

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Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 2
Udgivet Storbritannien, 14/01-2014
EAN/UPC 5060143495199
Katalognr. IMT2492957.2
Genre Country
Estimeret vægt 186 gram


  1. Bob Dylan- Blowin' in the Wind
  2. Johnny Cash- Delia's Gone
  3. Bob Dylan- Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
  4. Johnny Cash- in the Jailhouse Now
  5. Bob Dylan- Fixin' to Die
  6. Johnny Cash- Five Feet High and Rising
  7. Bob Dylan- Standing on the Highway
  8. Johnny Cash- Busted
  9. Bob Dylan- Talkin' New York
  10. Johnny Cash- Transfusion Blues
  11. Bob Dylan- in the Pines
  12. Johnny Yuma / Johnny Cash- the Rebel
  13. Bob Dylan- House of the Rising Sun
  14. Johnny Cash- the Smiling Bill Mccall
  15. Bob Dylan- Mixed - Up Confusion
  16. Johnny Cash- I Still Miss Someone
  17. Bob Dylan- Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
  18. Johnny Cash- the Big Battle
  19. Bob Dylan- in My Time of Dyin'
  20. Johnny Cash- Bonanza
  21. Bob Dylan- Song to Woody
  22. Johnny Cash- Remember the Alamo
  23. Bob Dylan- the Girl I Left Behind
  24. Johnny Cash- I'm Free from the Chain Gang Now
  25. Bob Dylan- See That My Grave is Kept Clean
CD 2
  1. Bob Dylan- Highway 51
  2. Johnny Cash- Don't Take Your Guns to Town
  3. Bob Dylan- Man of Constant Sorrow
  4. Johnny Cash- in Them Old Cottonfields Back Home
  5. Bob Dylan- the Death of Emmett Till
  6. Johnny Cash- Tennessee Flat - Top Box
  7. Bob Dylan- Freight Train Blues
  8. Johnny Cash- I Walk the Line
  9. Bob Dylan- Sally Gal
  10. Johnny Cash- Girl in Saskatoon
  11. Bob Dylan- You're No Good
  12. Johnny Cash- What Do I Care
  13. Bob Dylan- Poor Lazarus
  14. Johnny Cash- Lost on the Desert
  15. Bob Dylan- Gospel Plow
  16. Johnny Cash- Hank and Joe and Me
  17. Bob Dylan- (Naomi Wise) Omie Wise
  18. Johnny Cash- Accidentally on Purpose
  19. Bob Dylan- Corrinna, Corrinna
  20. Johnny Cash- Big River
  21. Bob Dylan- Pretty Peggy-o
  22. Johnny Cash- So Doggone Lonesome
  23. Bob Dylan- 1913 Massacre
  24. Johnny Cash- Frankie's Man, Johnny
  25. Bob Dylan- He Was a Friend of Mine