Old Town Records Story 52-62 / Various

Old Town Records Story 52-62 / Various

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Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 3
Udgivet Storbritannien, 27/05-2014
EAN/UPC 5060259820649
Katalognr. IMT1156176.2
Genre Rock     Rock & Roll
Estimeret vægt 248 gram


  1. Arthur Prysock- Good Rockin' Tonight
  2. Billy Bland- Let the Little Girl Dance
  3. Brownie Mcghee & Sonny Terry- Uncle Bud
  4. The Solitaires- Walking Along
  5. The Fairfield Four- Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around
  6. The Tremaines- Jingle Jingle
  7. Ursula Reed- You're Laffin' 'cause I'm Crying
  8. The Five Crowns- Good Luck Darling
  9. Robert & Johnny- We Belong Together
  10. The Valentines- Tonight Kathleen
  11. The Fiestas- So Fine
  12. The Rogues- It's True
  13. Gwen Edwards & the Co'eds- I Love an Angel
  14. Gene Kennedy- Wandering Wanderer
  15. Ruth Mcfadden & the Supremes- Darling, Listen to the Words
  16. Bob Gaddy- I Love My Baby
  17. The Fi-tones- My Faith
  18. Brownie Mcghee & Sonny Terry- I Need a Woman
  19. The Royaltones- Crazy Love
  20. Larry Finnegan- Pretty Suzy Sunshine
CD 2
  1. The Capris- There's a Moon out Tonight
  2. Robert & Johnny- You're Mine
  3. The Fiestas- I'm Your Slave
  4. The Solitaires- I Really Love You So (Honey Babe)
  5. Lou Dee & Valley Boys- King of the Hill
  6. Billy Bland- Chicken Hop
  7. Ursula Reed- Ursula's Blues
  8. The Cleftones- the Masquerade is over
  9. Brownie Mcghee & Sonny Terry- She Loves So Easy
  10. The Rogues- World of Love
  11. Bob Gaddy- I'll Go My Way
  12. The Keytones- a Fool in Love
  13. Preston Brown- Walk on
  14. Ruth Mcfadden & the Harptones- School Boy
  15. Billy Bland- How Many Hearts
  16. The Royaltones- Never Let Me Go
  17. The Five Crowns- Later Later Baby
  18. Robert & Johnny- Dream Girl
  19. The Fiestas- Look at That Girl
  20. The Solit- My Dear
CD 3
  1. Vinny Lee & the Riders- Mule Train Rock
  2. Bob Gaddy- Gonna Be at the Station
  3. The Capris- Why Do I Cry
  4. Larry Finnegan- Oh Lonesome Me
  5. The Five Crowns- You Could Be My Love
  6. Billy Bland- Chicken in the Basket
  7. The Clefftones- My Dearest Darling
  8. The Solitaires- South of the Border
  9. The Fairfield Four- Memories (Of My Mother)
  10. Ruth Mcfadden & the Supremes- Since My Baby's Been Gone
  11. The Fiestas- Good News
  12. Gene Kennedy- Am I the Boy
  13. The Keytones- Seven Wonders of the World
  14. Robert & Johnny- Broken Hearted Man
  15. The Rogues- if You Love Me
  16. Brownie Mcghee & Sonny Terry- Climbing on Top of the Hill
  17. Bob Gaddy- Operator
  18. Ruth Mcfadden & the Royaltones- Two in Love (With Only One
  19. The Rogues- Puppy Love
  20. The Five Crowns- Lullaby of the Bells