Platinum Collection (Silver Vinyl)

Everly Brothers

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"I believe that if they ever had a singing Olympics Donald and I would get (into the) top 3, if not win some gold. If you put us all together and let us have a sing-off, we could hold our own with anybody from any era. That maybe sounds a little prideful, but thats what I believe." Phil Everlys words to author and music historian Joe Smith will ring very true to anyone who listens to this compilation. All the tracks on it are half a century old, yet sound as fresh as ever. The fact is, that the harmonies Don and Phil brought to the charts were widely influential on a generation of pop performers on both sides of the Atlantic. For most of their recordings, Don sang the baritone and Phil the higher tenor part. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were just one of the acts that copied the Everlys, while Bob Dylan added to the praise by saying, We owe these guys everything. They started it all.



Medie Musik     VINYL
Antal enheder × 3
Udgivet 6/7-2018
EAN/UPC 5060403742674
Katalognr. NOT3LP267
Genre Rock     Rock & Roll
Mål 314 × 314 × 3 mm
Estimeret vægt 400 g