Very Good! - 20 Greatest Rock & Roll Hits!

Chuck Berry

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This essential LP edition compiles 20 of Chuck Berryâs most emblematic and celebrated songs, taped by the Chess label between 1955 and 1961. These recordings helped define the exact nature of early rock & roll. All-time classics such as Berryâs car songs (âMaybelleneâ), his calculated and carefully crafted instant smashes for the 1950s teenage market (âReelinâ and Rockinâ,â âSweet Little Sixteen,â âSchool Daysâ), and his celebrations of the music itself (âRock and Roll Music,â âJohnny B. Goode,â âRoll Over Beethovenâ), are some of the greatest rock tunes ever written. Take âJohnny B. Goodeâ specifically â the intro alone is arguably one of the most iconic pieces of music ever recorded, and the subsequent hand in hand energy of both the vocal and the instrumentation not only forms a brilliantly hook throughout the track, but also creates something uniquely Chuck Berry. This material will convince even the skeptics of Berryâs brilliance. All of these original gems âwhich have been brilliantly remastered to achieve the most pristine soundâ are simple two-and-a-half-minute songs that convey all the sheer power and emotion of rock & roll.


.. HITS - 180GR.

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Udgivet 01/07-2019
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