Buried Alive!! 2

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Compact Disc Box Set



Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 6
Specielt cover Box set
Udgivet 06/12-2019
EAN/UPC 8690116301232
Katalognr. PTCL12.2
Genre Sixties
Estimeret vægt 434 gram


  1. The Breakaways Women
  2. Barrington Davis Complicated Riddle
  3. Russ Kruger Separate the men from the Boys
  4. The Marksmen Moonshine
  5. The Blue Beats Dr. Feelgood
  6. The Fabulous Blue Jays I'll Make You Cry Too
  7. The Showmen Naughty Girl
  8. The Lost Souls Whatcha Gonna Say (Previously Unreleased)
  9. The Librettos She's a Go Go
  10. The Others Why Can't She Be Mine
  11. The Sunsets Animal (Previously Unreleased)
  12. The Rayders a Working Man
  13. Tony Worsley & the Blue Jays How Can It Be
  14. The Morloch Every Night
  15. Ward Austin with Python Lee Jackson Emergency Ward
  16. The Pink Finks You're Good for Me
  17. Laurie Wade's Cavaliers Say Hey
  18. The Bluestars Don't Wanna Be Lonely (Previously Unreleased)
  19. Johnny Chester Steppin' out
  20. Toni Mccann & the Blue Jays My Baby
  21. The Moods Cos of You
  22. The Clique Love Me Girl
  23. The Morloch Hit the Road Jack
  24. Marty Rhone and the Soul Agents What More Can I Do
  25. The Feel Goods Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
  26. The Groop Who Do You Love
CD 2
  1. Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects I'm Going Back (Previously Unrel
  2. Tom Thumb I Need You
  3. The Purple Hearts Just a Little Bit
  4. The Birds No Good Without You Baby
  5. The Missing Links Wild About You
  6. The Others Look Through My Window
  7. Wee Hike Howadiddi (Previously Unreleased)
  8. Blues Rags N' Hollers Got Love if You Want It
  9. The La De Da's Little Girl
  10. The Twilights I'm Not Talking
  11. The Pleazers Don't Gimme No Lip Child
  12. The Clefs I Can Only Give You Everything
  13. Five Sided Circle Hungry (Previously Unreleased)
  14. Bobby & Laurie Sweet and Tender Romance
  15. Normie Rowe & the Playboys She Used to Be Mine
  16. The Pleazers Security
  17. Chants R&b Neighbour, Neighbour
  18. The Loved Ones I Want You to Love Me
  19. Tony Barber Untrue
  20. The Down and out I'll Wait and See (Previously Unreleased)
  21. The Spinning Wheels Shame, Shame, Shame
  22. Roland Storm Ain't You Got No Heart
  23. Donnie Sutherland & the Titans No Cheatin'
  24. The Purple Hearts You Can't Sit Down
  25. The Easybeats Wedding Ring
  26. The Moods Rum Drunk
  27. The Groop Bury My Body
  28. Tony Barber I Want Her Too
  29. The Missing Links Don't Give Me No Friction
  30. The Kravats Baby Let Me Take You Home
CD 3
  1. The Vacant Lot Leaving Here
  2. The Bluestars I Can Take It
  3. The Purple Hearts Tiger in Your Tank
  4. Tom Thumb Got Love
  5. The Bitter End Single Man
  6. Larry's Rebels She's Mine
  7. The Librettos I'm a Dog
  8. The Pleasers Mona
  9. The Chicks Rebel Kind
  10. Colin Buckley Little Egypt
  11. Judge Wayne & the Convicts I'm Crying
  12. Blues Syndicate Baby Please Don't Go
  13. The Chimney Sweeps Give Your Lovin' to Me (Previously Unrele
  14. The Clefs Bring It to Jerome
  15. The Spinning Wheels Creepy John
  16. The Cherokees Little Lover
  17. The Bitter End Too Much Monkey Business
  18. Russ Kennedy and the Little Wheels Little Wheel
  19. The Purple Hearts Long Legged Baby (Previously Unreleased)
  20. The Sunsets Don't Get Around Much
  21. Grimmm Ltd. One Ugly Child (Previously Unreleased)
  22. The Rondells Carol Ann
  23. Johnny Cooper She's Got It
  24. The Pink Finks Back Door Man
  25. Dene Hunter Richard Cory
  26. The Selected Few Needle in a Haystack
  27. Ray Brown & the Whispers Talkin' Bout You
  28. The Phantoms My Babe
  29. Ward Austin & Python Lee Jackson Who Do You Love
  30. The Syssys Oh Pretty Woman
CD 4
  1. Colin Cook I Ain't Got You
  2. Grim Ltd Baby Doll (Previously Unreleased)
  3. Bobbie Thomas & the Beaumen Hey Little Girl / Blue Feeling
  4. The Spinning Wheels Bo Diddley
  5. Running Jumping Standing Still Little Girl
  6. The Reins You Really Got Me (Previously Unreleased)
  7. Hubb Kapp & the Wheels I'm Happy Too
  8. The Throb Turn My Head
  9. Chants R&b I'm Your Witchdoctor
  10. Southern Gentlemen I Want You Back Again
  11. Graeme Chapman Baby Let Your Hair Down
  12. Purple Hearts Louie, Louie (Previously Unreleased)
  13. The Throb One Thing to Do (Previously Unreleased)
  14. The No Names She is Mine
  15. Johnny K. I'm Mad Again
  16. The Leprechauns Rain (Previously Unreleased)
  17. The Librettos Great Balls of Fire
  18. The Cult You're Just My Kind
  19. The Elois Hush Your Mouth (Previously Unreleased)
  20. Mpd Limited Wendy, Don't Go
  21. The Second Thoughts Run Back Home
  22. Peter Nelson & the Castaways Down the Road Apiece
  23. The Jackson Kings Watch Your Step
  24. Wild Colonials Downtown Blues
  25. The Moods Cos of You
  26. The Crests I'm So Small (Previously Unreleased)
  27. The Reins Hold Me Babe
  28. The Movement I Wanna Be Free
  29. Tony Worsley with You by My Side
CD 5
  1. The Black Diamonds Not This Time
  2. Tom Thumb Whatcha Gonna Do About It
  3. The Groop Sorry
  4. The Birds Dust in My Pants
  5. Mike Furber & the Bowery Boys Diddy Wah Diddy
  6. The Blackout Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
  7. The Pink Finks Comin' Home Baby
  8. Merv Benton Who'll Be the Next in Line
  9. Bobby & Laurie Fallin'
  10. The La De Da's I Take What I Want
  11. The Twilights John Hardy
  12. The Groop Little Man
  13. The Lincolns What You Gonna Do
  14. The London Criers Daytime (Previously Unreleased)
  15. The Black Diamonds Outside Lookin' in
  16. Freddie Cook & the D-men I Just Can't Stop My Tears
  17. The Pacifics Slowly, but Surely
  18. The Bentbeaks Caught Red Handed
  19. Gemini Five I'm Your Man
  20. The Moods Say Hello to Me
  21. The Last Straws I Can't Stop Loving You Baby
  22. The Kinetics I Know Where You're Hiding
  23. The London Criers Outside Chance (Previously Unreleased)
  24. Richard Wright Group Five Star Cab
  25. The Soundelles Can't You See
  26. The Feel Goods What Will It Be Like
  27. The Pogs I'll Never Love Again
  28. Third Party Russian Spy and I
  29. The Deakins Tonight You're Gonna Fall in Love with Me
CD 6
  1. Merv Benton It's Love Baby (24 Hours a Day)
  2. Phil Jones & the Unknown Blues Three Hundred Pounds of Joy
  3. Normie Rowe & the Playboys Mary Mary
  4. Larry's Rebels I Feel Good
  5. Vyt & the World Why Do I Cry
  6. The Id if I Had a Ticket
  7. The Questions Hey Gyp
  8. Python Lee Jackson Your Mother Should Have Warned You
  9. The Loved Ones a Love Like Ours
  10. The La De Da's on Top of the World
  11. Larry's Rebels Shakin' Up Some Soul
  12. Glen Ingram with the Clan Take This Hammer
  13. Ray Brown & the Whispers in the Midnight Hour
  14. The Flamingoes Come on Down to My Boat (Previously Unrelease
  15. The Escorts House on Soul Hill
  16. Normie Rowe Let Me Tell You
  17. The Mystics Don't You Go, I Need Your Love
  18. The Easybeats See Line Woman
  19. Jeff St. John & the Id the Jerk
  20. The Atlantics Baby Blue (Previously Unreleased)
  21. Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs Poison Ivy
  22. Python Lee Jackson It's a Wonder
  23. Vince Maloney I Need Your Lovin' Tonight
  24. Glen Ingram I'll Be Doggone
  25. Bobbie Thomas & the Whispers Heatwave
  26. The Librettos What'cha Gonna Do About It
  27. The Pink Finks Nowhere to Run