Im a Man of Constant Sor

Stanley Brothers

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Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 3
Udgivet Tyskland, 08/11-2019
EAN/UPC 8712177043408
Katalognr. GOLD5346.2
Genre Country
Estimeret vægt 248 gram


  1. I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow
  2. The Lonesome River
  3. Hey! Hey! Hey
  4. Sweetest Love
  5. The Wandering Boy
  6. The Fields Have Turned to Brown
  7. Pretty Polly
  8. The Drunkard's Hell
  9. Too Late to Cry
  10. The Old Home
  11. We'll Be Sweethearts in Heaven
  12. Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet
  13. The Angels Are Singing (In Heaven Tonight)
  14. The White Dove
  15. Molly and Tenbrooks
  16. Rambler's Blues
  17. Little Glass of Wine
  18. Our Darling's Gone
  19. Little Maggie
  20. Jealous Lover
  21. Mother No Longer Awaits Me at Home
  22. Girl Behind the Bar
  23. Death Is Only a Dream
  24. I Can Tell You the Time
  25. Let Me Be Your Friend
  26. It's Never Too Late
  27. Have You Somone in Heaven Awaiting)
  28. Vision of Mother
  29. Cotton Eyed Joe
  30. Blue Moon of Kentucky
  31. Lonely Tombs
  32. Orange Blossom Special
  33. Old Joe Clark
  34. They're at Rest Together
  35. White House Blues
  36. Standing in the Need of Prayer
  37. Riding the Humpbacked Mule
  38. Goodbye Old Pal
  39. Just One Way to the Pearly Gate
  40. Short Life of Trouble
  41. Blackberry Blossom
  42. Rose of Old Kentucky
CD 2
  1. Molly & Tenbrooks
  2. The Rambler's Blues
  3. Little Glass of Wine
  4. Our Darling's Gone
  5. Little Maggie
  6. The Jealous Lover
  7. Mother No Longer Awaits Me at Home
  8. The Girl Behind the Bar
  9. Death is Only a Dream
  10. I Can Tell You the Time
  11. Let Me Be Your Friend
  12. It's Never Too Late
  13. Have You Someone (In Heaven Awaiting)
  14. A Vision of Mother
CD 3
  1. Cotton Eyed Joe
  2. Blue Moon of Kentucky
  3. Lonely Tombs
  4. Orange Blossom Special
  5. Old Joe Clark
  6. They're at Rest Together
  7. White House Blues
  8. Standing in the Need of Prayer
  9. Riding the Humpbacked Mule
  10. Goodbye Old Pal
  11. Just One Way to the Pearly Gate
  12. Short Life of Trouble
  13. Blackberry Blossom
  14. Rose of Old Kentucky