Blue Guitars

Chris Rea

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UK only 130-track CD/DVD (PAL/Region 0) set comprising of 11 CD albums each with it's own distinct musical style which showcases his passion for the guitar, plus a DVD for the 'Stony Road' album. Having created the cover of Stony Road and interpreted the cover of The Blue Juke Box the close relationship between Chris Rea's music and his painting was defined. This relationship was clearly leading in one direction, a ground-breaking idea to link the two driving forces in his life. The idea of Blue Guitars was born. Eleven albums from Chris Rea in one book pack, 130 brand new Chris Rea songs inspired by the blues ranging globally across all his own interpretations of this musical form, songs that Chris believes are some of his best to date. He now had a body of work that would in normal circumstances have taken a decade to create; songs that conjured up all his favourite musical influences that had set him off down the road nearly thirty years previously. Instead of releasing all the albums in one go, or over a period of six months or a year, he decided to create something that combines his paintings with his music. Not out of some egocentric notion that his paintings and music would be appreciated in the same way, but simply that they are now inextricably linked.


BOOK + 11 CD'S & 1 DVD

Medie Musik     CD/DVD   (CD og DVD)
Antal enheder × 12
Specielt cover Box set
Udgivet Tyskland, 30/08-2005
ISBN13 9783937406329
Katalognr. ERBK740632.2
Genre Pop
Estimeret vægt 650 gram


  1. West Africa
  2. Cry for Home
  3. The King Who Sold His Own
  4. White Man Coming
  5. Where the Blues Come from
  6. Lord Tell Me It Won't Be Long
  7. Work Gang
  8. Praise the Lord
  9. Sweet Sunday
  10. Sing out the Devil
  11. Boss Man Cut My Chains
  1. Walkin' Country Blues
  2. Man Gone Missing
  3. Can't Stay Blues
  4. Kkk Blues
  5. Too Much Drinking
  6. Catwalk Woman
  7. If You've Got a Friend in Jesus
  8. Head out on the Highway
  9. Wild Pony
  10. Steam Train Blues
  11. Going Up to Memphis
  12. Somewhere Between Highway 61 & 49
  13. Ticket for Chicago
  14. Dance All Night Long
  1. Two Days Missing Down the Viper
  2. Who Cares if I Do
  3. What Made Me Love You
  4. You Got Dixie
  5. One Night with You
  6. Talking 'bout New Orleans
  7. Le Fleur De La Vie
  8. Catfish Girl
  9. Only a Fool Plays by the Rules
  10. Baby Come Home
  11. Dance Avec Moi
  12. L'ete Eternal
  1. Electric Guitar
  2. Electric Memphis Blues
  3. All Night Long
  4. Born Bad
  5. Let's Start Again
  6. What I'm Looking for
  7. Rules of Love
  8. What You Done to Me
  9. Hobo Love Blues
  10. Pass Me by
  11. The Soul of My Father's Shadow
  12. My Blue World Says Hello
  1. Lone Rider
  2. Texas Blue
  3. No Wheels Blues
  4. Lone Star Boogie
  5. Blind Willie
  6. The American Way
  7. Angelina
  8. Truck Stop
  9. Weekend Down Mexico
  10. Texas Line Boogie
  11. Too Big City
  12. Housto Angel
  1. I'm Moving Up
  2. Maxwell Street
  3. Bob Taylor
  4. She's a Whole Heap of Trouble
  5. Jazzy Blue
  6. Hip Sway
  7. That's the Way It Goes
  8. To Get Your Love
  9. Chicago Morning
  10. Catwalk Woman
  11. Since You've Been Gone
  12. All Night Long
  13. Here She Come Now
  1. Last Call
  2. Maybe That's All I Need to Know
  3. Deep Winter Blues
  4. If I Ever Get over You
  5. I Love the Train
  6. My Soul Crying out for You
  7. If That's What You Want
  8. There's No One Looking
  9. What Became of You
  10. My Deep Blue Ways
  1. Sweet Love
  2. Break Another Piece of My Heart
  3. Ball & Chain
  4. Gospel Trail
  5. Shy Boy
  6. Come Change My World
  7. Call on Me
  8. Just in Case You Never Knew
  9. Let Me in
  10. I'll Be There for You
  11. The Pain of Loving You
  12. Are You Ready
  1. Celtic Blue
  2. Too Far Away from Home
  3. 'til the Morning Sun Shines on My Love & Me
  4. Lucky Day
  5. What She Really is
  6. Wishing Well
  7. Irish Blues
  8. No More Sorrow
  9. While I Remain
  10. Last Drink
  11. 'till I Find My True Love's Name
  12. Big White Door
  1. Hey Gringo
  2. Immigration Blues
  3. Still Trying to Clear My Name
  4. Sun is Hot
  5. Screw You & Your Deep Blue Sea
  6. Nothing Seems to Matter No More
  7. Sometimes
  8. Lampiou
  9. Keep on Dancing
  10. Lucifer's Angel
  11. How I Know It's You
  12. Forever
  13. You Got Soul
  14. Bajan Blues
  1. My Baby Told Me (Blues)
  2. Got to Be Moving
  3. My Baby Told Me (Gospel)
  4. Heartbreaker
  5. Yes I Do (Instrumental)
  6. Wasted Love
  7. Cool Cool Blue
  8. Clarkson Blues
  9. Who Killed Love
  10. Never Tie Me Down
  11. Mindless
  12. Ain't That Just the Prettiest Thing
  13. Nobody but You
  14. Waiting for Love
  15. Blue Morning in the Rain
  1. Dancing Down the Stony Road (75 Minute Documentary