Live at Tambourine Studios (Swamp Green Vinyl)

The Courettes

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The brand new 10" vinyl from your favourite garage group; Os Courettes!

10 FUZZTASTIC tracks recorded LIVE at the world famous Tambourine Studios, Malmö!

It's savage! It's dynamic! A blast of Jungle wildness & Scandinavian rock 'n' roll! Riot grrrl in the garage Flavia Couri will blow off your mind with atomic fuzz guitars and screaming raw vocals, and Beat! Beat! Beat! man Martin Couri will make you s-s-shake with his loud as hell drumming!

Medie Musik     10"   (10" VINYL)
Udgave Sumpgrøn edition
Udgivet 19/06-2017
Label Sounds Of Subterrania
Estimeret vægt 150 gram
Antal tracks 10

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