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Building on the Superman myth, this television series from the 1990s centres on the young adult life of Clark Kent (Dean Cain) in the modern-day city of Metropolis. While struggling to balance his Superman duties with his job working for the Daily Planet, Kent meets and falls in love with fellow reporter Lois Lane. When news breaks of Superman's existence, Lane becomes smitten with the elusive superhero, but fails to recognise that Kent and Superman are one and the same! This short-sightedness leads her to refuse Kent's romantic advances in a cunning twist of irony. Driven by this odd romantic triangle of sorts, the show's first series also focuses on life around the Daily Planet office, and Superman's battles with a whole host of villains, making it part-romance, part-action adventure.

Medie Film     DVD
Antal enheder × 6
Udgivet Storbritannien, 17/03-2006
Oprindeligt udgivet 1994
EAN/UPC 7321900737630
Label Warner Pictures
Katalognr. 1000086210
Estimeret vægt 434 gram
Region Region 2 (Europa)
Sprog Dansk   Engelsk   Norsk   Svensk   Tysk   Spansk   Finsk   Portugisisk  
Bemærk Filmen har ikke undertekster på dansk.
Primary Contributor Dean Cain
Primary Contributor Teri Hatcher