The Hits Collection


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The pint-sized, sex-obsessed pop music guru called Prince (and then "the artist formerly known as Prince," and then Prince again) is one of mainstream music's most eccentric geniuses. Along with having had several chart topping songs and albums, the musician has written countless other gems for a diverse array of other performers, among them Sinead O' Connor. THE HITS COLLECTION is a 15 video retrospective of Prince's best loved videos, from the beginning of his career through 1993. Included are "1999," "Diamonds and Pearls," "Little Red Corvette," and "Kiss."



Medie Musik     MDVD   (Musik-DVD)
Udgivet Danmark, 28/06-1999
Oprindeligt udgivet 1993
EAN/UPC 0075993837124
Label Warner 1062
Katalognr. IMT38371DVD
Genre Pop
Estimeret vægt 126 gram
Spilletid 06:14:00
Antal tracks 15
Lydformat Dolby Digital 5.1
Billedformat 16:9
Primary Contributor Prince