Best of Volume 1: The Videos

Van Halen

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Largely powered by guitarist and namesake Eddie Van Halen's virtuoustic, unprecedented guitar playing, Van Halen became one of the most popular hard rock bands of the 1980's and 1990's. The massively successful band even managed to survive the replacement of their legendary lead singer, the wild and decadent David Lee Roth, with the more serious Sammy Hagar. This first volume of VIDEO HITS is a visual compendium of the band's greatest hits sand includes the acclaimed concept video "Right Now," as well as "Jump," "Poundcake," "Can't Stop Loving You," and more.



Medie Musik     MDVD   (Musik-DVD)
Udgivet Holland, 29/11-1999
EAN/UPC 0075993842821
Label Rhino Focus
Katalognr. IMT940555DVD
Genre Metal / Hard Rock
Estimeret vægt 126 gram
Spilletid 01:05:00