Essential Blues Anthology - Various Artists - Musik - NOT NOW MUSIC - 5060403742490 - 8/9-2017

Essential Blues Anthology

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Essential Blues Anthology

This 32 tracks collection are an enjoyable history lesson of the genre, as stated by Eric Clapton, "the powerful drug", the Blues. With tracks such as *'I Put A Spell On You'* by **Screamin' Jay Hawkins** or **Otis Rush's** *'I Can't Quit You Baby'.* This compilation demonstrates why this genre, that evolved out of African-American work songs, became the foundation of virtually every mayor American music form of the 20th century.

Medie Musik     VINYL
Antal enheder × 2
Udgivet 8/9-2017
EAN/UPC 5060403742490
Katalognr. NOT2LP249
Genre Blues
Mål 314 × 314 × 3 mm
Estimeret vægt 300 g