Musicarta Piano Solos Volume One

R a Chappell

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Publisher Marketing: Musicarta - the website, Musicarta Publications and the MisterMusicarta YouTube channel - is dedicated to teaching musical creativity at the keyboard through a combination of usable music theory, easily understood keyboard textures and coached modern syncopation skills. The pieces in Musicarta Piano Solos Volume 1 spring directly from this approach, and offers an excellent opportunity to get eleven truly modern piano performances into your repertoire. Some of the pieces are taken from Musicarta's three major home-study programmes (The Pyramids Variations, the Canon Project and Key Chords Vol. 1) or are derived from them. The remainder are keyboard compositions which embody and illustrate the three principles outlined in the first paragraph. All the solos in this volume have video performances on the MisterMusicarta YouTube channel, so learners can watch a performance and get an overall view of the hand patterning they are aiming for - an important consideration when full two-handed syncopation is involved. All the solos also have a couple of pages of accompanying notes. As study material, these are entirely optional, but for would-be composers-at-the-keyboard they offer valuable insight into the musical structure of the solos and the way in which they were composed, along with suggestions for the most efficient ways of mastering them. Musicarta Piano Solos Volume 1 is perfect for the self-directing popular-styles keyboard student, and as a credible modern component in more traditional piano lessons.

Medie Bøger     Paperback Bog   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Udgivet 12/11-2013
ISBN13 9781492941965
Forlag Createspace
Antal sider 50
Mål 279 × 216 × 3 mm
Vægt 141 gram
Sprog Engelsk