Native American Place Names of Connecticut

R a Douglas-lithgow

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Brief Description: This dictionary of Native American places was originally published in 1909. Alphabetically arranged by Native American name, this reference work gives insight into the Native origins of Connecticut cities, towns, rivers, streams, lakes, and other locales. The Pequots and Mohegans formed the majority of Connecticut Natives, occupying the territory from Narraganset to the Hudson River, along the Connecticut shore, and including Long Island. The Mystic River gets its name from Mistick meaning ""great tidal river.""

Medie Bøger     Paperback Bog   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Udgivet 01/03-2001
ISBN13 9781557095404
Forlag Applewood Books
Genre Cultural Region > New England - Cultural Region > Northeast U.s. - Ethnic Orientation > Native American - Geographic Orientation > Connecticut
Antal sider 78
Mål 203 × 127 × 6 mm
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