Studies on Haemocrisis in Cattle of Palam Valley of Himachal Pradesh

R . K Mandial

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The present study was carried out on 250 cattle of Palam Valley which were screened for anaemia. Cattle having haemoglobin upto 8g% were considered anaemic and were subdivided into 3 sub groups on basis of severity. The overall incidence of anaemia was recorded to be 60.8%. Maximum incidence was of mineral deficiency(55.2%) and least was of tick infestation(3.2%). Clinico- haematological, mineral, biochemical & therapeutic studies were undertaken in both anaemic and healthy animals. Morphologically, two types of anaemia viz. microcytic hypochromic and normocytic normochromic were noticed in 53.29% and 46.71% anaemic animals respectively. Hypocuprosis was noted in anaemic animals of all the groups and was associated with iron deficiency in only 25 anaemic animals. The blood gas and acid base analysis revealed significantly (P> 0.05) lower mean values of blood pH, plasma HCO3A, pO2 and TCO2 indicating severe metabolic acidosis in severely anaemic animals. After instituting the therapies, all the parameters were restored towards normal by day 8 post treatment. Blood transfusion and administration of Ringer?s lactate helped to combat acidosis and severe anaemia in 4 out of 8 animals.

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Udgivet 28/04-2012
ISBN13 9783847327394
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