Live in Amsterdam

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

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After two successful collaborations with 2012 Dont Explain and 2013 Seesaw Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa decided to tour for the first time. The duo did a very short exclusive run in prestigious venues, ending the tour with 2 sold out shows in the historic Carre Theater in Amsterdam. This beautiful location was where Beth Hart, known for her raw and powerful blues-rock sound, amazed everyone with a spectacular performance.

Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 2
Udgivet 24/3-2014
EAN/UPC 0819873010777
Katalognr. PRD74342
Genre Rock
Mål 125 × 142 × 10 mm
Estimeret vægt 186 g

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