Ultimate Audiophile Inner sleeves (12")

Audiophile Sleeves

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The Ultimate Audiophile Inner Sleeve takes a well-designed, luxurious sleeve one step further! It's amazing that no one has ever thought of it before: take an audiophile rice paper sleeve and support the record on both sides with paper for extra strength and line both the inside and outside with extra-soft high-density polyethylene for friction-free access to both record and the sleeve. Double die-cut center holes allow you to peruse both sides of the record label without removing the LP from the sleeve, and the double paper layer increases durability.

Medie Musik     INNER SLEEVES   (Sleeves til vinyl)
Antal enheder × 50
Udgivet 2018
Mål 320 × 320 mm
Vægt 1.250 g

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